About 3Greens

Dr. Lloyd Hey, with his Dad, Albert Hey who taught him how to fly safe with standard work, communication, leadership and teamwork.

3Greens was developed by Lloyd Hey, a scoliosis and spine surgeon, pilot, and electrical engineer who has had a thirty year passionate journey of bringing aviation safety and Deming / Toyota lean production to the care of precious patients and the families and teams that care for them.  The name “3Greens” comes from aviation as well — a verbal phrase his Dad, Albert Hey and ALL pilots use every time they approach the runway to confirm that all three landing gears are down and locked — standard work and crew communication.  3Greens also summarizes the three goals we have — to create a safer, leaner, and happier healthcare world through teamwork and standard work… together.  One surgeon and team at a time.

Aviation created a system using checklists to take a complex problem and simplify it into standard work. By introducing checklists to the operating room, a surgeon can feel peace of mind, knowing that each critical step of a procedure has been performed. 3Greens allows users to create a custom checklist, which captures data points, tracks times, and provides a transcript to keep your surgical data safe and in one location. As a surgeon, you are able to create your own checklist to custom-tailor to your practice and evolve with the ever changing healthcare environment.

Squadron 001 for 3Greens, who also helped design and carry out the POSNA eChecklist Project called “Project CHOISSE” — Lloyd Hey, John Smith, Jim Sanders, Rick Schwend, Brian Smith, Mike Vitale, Matt Oetgen, Karen Myung, Steve Koop, Dan Sucato, Nick Fletcher and Krysten Bell.

After over ten years of quality improvement and quality and safety software development at Hey Clinic, Dr. Hey discussed the idea of sharing what he and his team had been learning with a group of surgeons, starting with Dr. Jim Sanders, and Dan Sucato at the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) Meeting held in Prague, September 2016. This led to a series of conference calls, and then a grant application to the Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America (POSNA), and then the implementation of 3Greens to a group of 11 surgeons around the United States. A feasibility and effectiveness study was designed by Professor Julie Ivy at NC State University School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, with two graduate students Gimantha Perera and Priscilla Lunsford, and several other contributors including “Hutch” Allen from Duke School of Nursing, Priscilla Ramseur, CNO Duke Raleigh Hospital, and Brian Sloan, COO Duke Raleigh Hospital. This pilot study will be presented this spring, which showed a significant improvement in teamwork and team dynamics during the course of the six month study. Based on their individual and group outcomes during the trial period, all of the surgeons and their teams desired to continue use of 3Greens in 2019. The next squadron of surgeons, 3Greens Squadron-002 is being recruited now, with applications being accepted and reviewed. The first surgeon-pilot for 3Greens Squadron-002 has already been recruited, trained and is now “airborne” — Dr. Nigel Price. How about you? Come fly with us! Fill out a 3Greens Pilot Application for our next squadron to be launched. We are in search for surgeon-pilot leaders who want to be great influencers of positive change within their operating rooms, hospitals, clinics… and even around the world through community.